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Soccer Questions

Check out our FAQs for our programs

  • When does the development soccer program start?
    Our Fall 22 program will start 8/21/23 and run through until 11/10/23. Our Little Spartans will start 8/16/23 through to 10/18/23
  • What days will practice be for development?
    Practice days will vary based on the team assigned and the players age group. Little Spartans will practice on a Wednesday from 6-6.45pm. Almost all U5, U6, U8, U10 & U12 teams are expected to practice on either a Monday or Wednesday from 6pm onwards. U14 is to be confirmed although expected Wednesdays. The Technical practice session will be held on Tuesdays. Games would be played on a Friday at Loughman Park for those not playing in the local league.
  • What if share a ride or have another child in the program?
    Please ensure you select 'SIBLINGS' in the registration form so we are aware it is a family registration, for ride sharing please contact following your registration, state your child/ren's names, birth year and your request. We try to ensure where possible that families with siblings in the program are placed in a team that practices on the same day. If you are going to be sharing rides each week, again, we will try our best to place those players on the same team and/or same practice day.
  • What birth years relate to U5, U6, U8, U10 & U12 - I am confused?"
    For Fall 2023: U5 is players born in 2019 - Jnr Spartan U6 is players born in 2018 - Spartan U8 is players born in 2016 & 2017 - Spartan U10 is players born in 2014 & 2015 - Spartan U12 is players born in 2012 & 2013 - Spartan U14 will be players born in 2010 & 2011 - Snr Spartan
  • How do I get a uniform?
    Following your registration, you will be directed to our online store whereby you can order and purchase your new development kit. We have a number of kits in stock however please allow enough time for these to be ordered and available for the Meet the Coach event for you. You can also order your uniform direct from your SportsPlus account, simply login, and select 'order items' on the right menu options.
  • How long can I use the uniform for?
    Our Spartan uniforms can be worn from Fall 2023 through to end of May 2025; a 2 year 'life' cycle
  • What if I want to order extra uniform items?
    Our online store currently shows those items which are available to order and purchase, these include training t-shirts, carry pack and socks. Our Capelli Fan & Team shop is also available to order online store - this would include items like training pants, hoodies, shorts, fanwear etc. Simply click on the 'online store' icon in your player's SportsPlus account and it will direct you to the page to order.
  • What is your policy on refunds?
    We would ask you to refer to the Terms & Conditions document you accepted when registering your child. A refund will only be applicable up until 24hrs/1 day prior to the start of the season. If you chose to remove your player from the program after this date, for whatever reason, no refund will be applicable. This would include any COVID-19 related issues (please see Spartans Safe Play Guidelines document for more information).
  • Has the competitive season started?
    Yes, but as interest for U8 - U16 age groups are low and/or not at the level for competitive play we have decided not to enter teams for Fall 2002. We run competitive evaluation session from 1/24/22 and will look at be starting competitive program/s for Spring 2023. Registration for Player ID Sessions will be available shortly. Please contact for more information.
  • What are Player ID Sessions?
    These are essentially a tryout, an evaluation by the club and it's coaches for players who would like to join our Competitive Soccer program.
  • I've registered for the Player ID Session, what next?"
    Once registered you will be sent an automatic email from our registration software; SportsPlus. This will include your user name and temporary password to activate your account. Once activated your Spartan will be added to the 'team' for the session where you will then get reminders and updates emailed to you or via your mobile (once App installed) specifically for the date/s they are registered for. Often with new communications, emails can go into the junk or spam folder so please check this regularly and ensure we are on your safe senders list.
  • What should I bring to the Player ID Session?
    Your Spartan to start with! Spartans will need cleats, shin guards, water and a ball for the session. They will also need to bring with them a copy of our COVID-19/Hold Harmless Form to hand in at check in. We would ask that any parents who may chose to stay and watch behind the field fencing. Spartans may wear a facemask during the session if you chose to.
  • What if I have questions during the session?
    We will have our Spartan Generals on hand during all the sessions for any additional questions you may have. We ask however that you allow our Generals to complete the check in process for all the players before approaching them; it's importnat that we get the players out on the fields in time for their session.
  • When will I know if my player has been offered a place on a team with Spartan Soccer?
    All players will receive an email no later than 5pm on the Sunday following their Player ID Session. This email will either be to offer them a place on a team, advise that they have been placed on a shortlist of alternates or if on this occasion a place has not been offered. A member of the Spartan team may also contact you directly via phone to advise.
  • I've waited for an email and the advised deadline has passed, and I haven't received one.  What do I do?"
    Firstly, check your spam and junk folders as often information email can be filtered straight into these. Next check that your email address is correct in your SportsPlus player account and that you have been receiving the automated emails and app alerts during the Player ID session dates. Finally, if everything is correct and an email cannot be located, please email with your players name, date of birth and best contact method for you. One of our Spartan Team will then follow up and advise.
  • I've received an email stating that my player is an alternate for a team placement, what does this mean?"
    In simple terms, it means that your player has not been offered a placement with a team at this point, they have been placed on an alternate list. So that should a placement offered to another player is not accepted then we will offer it to a player on the alternate list.
  • How many players will you select and/or offer for a team?
    This will depend on the age group and if we will have 1 team or 2 teams. For 7v7 teams (U8, U9 & U10 teams, players born 2014-2012) we would select between 10-12 players. For 9v9 teams (U11, U12, players born 2010-2011) we would select between 12-14 players. For 11v11 teams (U13-U16, players born 2009-2006) we would select between 14-16 players.
  • The oldest age group you are offering is U16 (2006), what if my player is older than this?"
    Being a new soccer club, it is difficult to gauge interest in the older age groups and typically with many players in the older groups, High School soccer has an impact on their availibility and club committment. At Spartan Soccer we do not wish to exclude any player who is interested in playing soccer and would ask that you contact us at to express your interest. We would evalulate based on the number of interested players and if this indicates a demand is there we would look to arrange a Player ID Session and go forward from that point. Players born 2002-1999 (aged 18yrs or older, are no longer considered 'youth' players. However Spartan works very closely and in partnership with an Adult Club and if your player is looking to 'play on' we'd be happy to arrange an introduction with/to them.
  • There are 2 dates for the Player ID Session, do I have to attend them both?"
    Preferably yes. We recognize and appreciate that some players may be nervous or not 'perform' at their best during a session, so we want to ensure taht every player has the opportunity to do their best. Our coaches may run different sessions during the 2 dates and attending both sessions will ensure that all players can be evaluted fairly against each other.
  • What if my player is away or unavailable to attend either of the Player ID Sessions?
    After registrating for the event, please email us at with your players name, date of birth and when they are next available following the session dates. There are no guarantees that a place will be available following the main sessions, however we will endeavour to arrange an opportunity to be evalulated if feesiable.
  • Do you allow players to 'play up' an age group?
    At Spartan Soccer we strongly believe that a player should play in their appropriate age group and ability, we also support FYSA's guidelines that a player is placed based on their age, skill set and ability; both mentally & physically. It is possible for players who demonstrate a dominance in their age group (therefore unlikely to challenged enough as a player), to be offered a place in a team 1 yr above them. This however would be a decision made by the Spartan team and Coach. For players born 2007 and above (for the 2021/22 seasonal year) this could be 1+ yrs. As a new club, for our first seasonal year in competitive soccer we may consider forming a team of 2 age groups (as possibly there are not enough selected players for a particular age group). This however will be based on the Player ID Sessions.
  • When will the season start?
    The 2021/22 season officically starts 8/1. Spartan Soccer will be looking at pre-season training during the early part of July.
  • Where will the training and games be held at?
    All of Spartan Soccer's training/practise sessions will be held at our Loughman Park fields. Home games will be at these fields too. Away games will be played at the opposing team's Club location.
  • When does my player practice during the season, what days?"
    All of our competitive teams will practice twice a week, those in an Academy program would practice 3 days a week. The days of practice will vary and will be dependent on the Coach's availibility, field space and High School Soccer schedules. Typically our youngest teams (U8, U9, U10, U11 & U12) would practice from 6pm - 7pm/7.15pm and our older teams from 7.30pm - 8.45pm/9pm. This however will be determined once teams have been formed and Coaches schedules confirmed.
  • What league will Spartan be playing in for the seasonal year?
    There is no short answer to this question, we will place our teams in a league which is most appropriate for their age and their skill set. There are a number of leagues within Central Florida and Spartan Soccer will evalulate on a season-by-season basis on what is most appropriate for the team. We aim to participtate in leagues which are within 1 hr travel from our home fields. Of course we have no control on the teams who participate in certain leagues and their location but will endevaour to keep it local and challenging for our players.
  • Will the teams play tournaments?
    All teams will be encouraged to participate in tournaments throughout the seasonal year, the amount and location will be a decision made by the team coach. Tournaments typically range between $35-$100 per player, dependent on the age group, location and 'quality' of the tournament. Any tournaments would be in addition to the Club fee, and would be discussed/agreed on a team-by-team basis.
  • How much does the Competitive program cost?
    The pricing for the 2021/22 seasonal is still being finalized and once confirmed will be communicated to you if a place is offered. Spartan is committed to being 'competitive' in it's program fees whislt ensuring it can/will deliver a quality product to our Spartans.
  • Spartan Soccer is a new club, why should or would I choose you over other established clubs?"
    Quite simply because Spartan Soccer is 100% focused on our Spartans! When you become a Spartan, you become part of our soccer family. We are small, newly formed but our misson is quite simply to ensure that all our Spartans get the best experience and opportunities on their soccer journey. We are proactive, we are organized, we are grassroots, we will engage with you and your player at every opportunity we can, we will communicate with you, we will be there at your home games supporting your team and your Spartan, we are for our players, and we are focused on delivering a quality driven service to our Spartans. We, like our Spartans, on whichever program they participate in, want to ensure that playing is FUN and enjoyable. Competition, developing skills, improving technical ability and of course winning games is awesome, but players need fun too. It is ultimately about our Spartans and helping them grow in the game!
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