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Forms, COVID procedures..........


So what are we doing at Spartan Soccer to help ensure our players feel safe on the fields when the season starts?

1 - We are restricting the number of players in our teams.  There is a maximum for each player age group/team and once they are filled, we won't be accepting anymore Spartans until the Spring program.

2- Teams will be smaller and less of them in the season, again to ensure 'team bubbles' remain in place and every player can receive more of an individual experience.

3 - If our Spartans wish to wear their mask during the session then it's down to their personal choice - we will not insist on this.

4 - We are asking ALL parents and guardians to consider wearing a face mask whilst at the fields and ensure they observe social distancing guidelines whilst there.  This of course cannot be enforced, however strongly encouraged. 

5 - We are asking that all families wash their hands regularly, clean their equipment before and after the session and bring an individual hand sanitizer if they wish.  Spartan soccer will work with Polk County to ensure that the restrooms are stocked of hand-wash for training and game days.

6 - We are asking all parents to be proactive and if their Spartan is feeling unwell then they keep them at home for that practice, and keep the club and/or their coach updated.

7 - All suspected Covid cases reported to the Club are documented and a risk assessment completed.

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