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Fancy being a referee?

Certification for the new seasonal year opened on 7/15/21 for new & existing referees. Referees are in short supply throughout Florida and at Spartan Soccer we are keen to encourage, develop and support any player, parent or volunteer on this journey.

At Spartan Soccer we are extremely fortunate to have a very pro-active Referee Assignor who is just as keen as ourselves to help both young and older would be referees gain their certification.

It's a great way to earn extra money during the seasonal year, a fab way for a player & parent to learn and appreciate the 'other side' of the game, and is an awesome opportunity to support your local soccer youth club!

Please contact us or visit for more information. Anyone from 13yrs upwards can apply and with younger referees there is an opportunity to get a free starter kit from flsrc; whilst stocks last.

EVERY youth soccer club needs referees and at Spartan Soccer we are committed to supporting our referees - what are you waiting for?

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